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The Clubhouse

Car Wash Area

The clubhouse comes with a full kitchen, cable tv, and offers room for parties or activities for up to 45 people. Tables and chairs are provided. Residents may reserve the clubhouse once within a calendar month. A reservation request cannot be made before the next month's corresponding day. For example, a request for 7/7 may not be submitted before 6/7. All requests are time-stamped, and reservations are dictated by the first request made on that day on a "first come, first serve" basis.
The reservation calendar and request form are located on the Calendar Page.

The Villages at Waipio's designated car wash area is available to residents between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Car wash area is located in front of the "L" Building by the dumpster. For use by our residents only. Water hose & spray nozzle must be provided by the user.

Upgraded Playground

Bulletin Boards

If going to the local park doesn't fit in your schedule, then bring your child to our upgraded modern playground to burn off some of that extra energy.

Rubbish Pick-up

Dumpsters are emptied on Mon., Wed., & Fri.  No bulk items are to be disposed of in the dumpsters or enclosures. See the restriction signs in the enclosures.  Mahalo!

Bulk Pick-up

The City and County picks up bulky items by scheduled date only. Please send your list of bulk items to by the2nd week of the month to get on the schedule for collection. The pick-up location is the grass area at the Clubhouse entrance of Waipio Uka Street only.

Pool and Lounging Area

We post important notices on the bulletin boards located at each set of mailboxes and at the clubhouse.

Advertising unit rentals is provided as space becomes available. Ads must be printed on a dated 3 x 5 index sized card.

Ads have a 90 day rotation cycle with association notices having priority. Submit all ads to the Resident Manager's office.


With a 24-hour surveillance system and a nightly patrolling security officer efforts to prevent & deter crime is a priority.


The security staff monitors and issues overnight visitor parking passes and may be reached at 808-988-7077

A cool solution to a hot day, our 32,000 gallon pool has depths of 3-6ft and runs on a chlorine filtration system. Covered tables, lounge chairs, and a soda vending machine are provided. Our pool is maintained by a Certified Pool Operator daily.

Seven (7) Dumpster locations accross the property are emptied three (3) times weekly.

City and County bulk pickup is the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Items may be placed at the Waipio Uka Street enterances after 4 pm on the Tuesday evening just prior to the pick up date.

To View the City & County of Honolulu's requirments on Bulk Pick-up..................................


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